Our Story

One late September, Mark, an area Veteran homeowner, applied for help with Rebuilding Together Anne Arundel County (RTAAC).  He had a stroke and was left mostly blind and paralyzed on one side.  He needed a stair lift mobile chair and other home modifications in order to be able to remain in his own home.  As a disabled American veteran living on less than $26,000 annually, he did not have the necessary means to fund these home renovations.  His project was selected and on a sunny morning over 30 volunteers, including skilled tradesmen, installed a stair lift, a new electric door opener, painted the interior, and completed the home modifications needed. This American veteran and long standing member of his community remained in his own home safe, warm, dry and independent. 

Rebuilding Together Anne Arundel County (RTAAC),  serves the entire county by renovating homes for those who plan on remaining in the community, have a total household income of less than 50% AMI and are in need. Our services reach all populations, to include elderly, single parent families, disabled and veterans. Our program has been providing this help since 1991, and over that time have renovated over 950 homes and put back nearly $23 Million of home repair value into the community.  We believe there is no better “permanent supportive housing” than helping someone remain in their own home, surrounded by the support network of their own neighborhood, friends, and family.