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Nearly two million Americans are living with the side effects of hazardous housing - sickness, isolation and hopelessness. Your gift today will provide the critical home repairs needed for our neighbors to remain safely in their own homes and our communities. Thank you!

How much it costs for our repairs: 

  • Install Smoke Detectors: $50 average cost 
    • Thousands of people die every year from the lack of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in their home. We make sure homes have smoke detectors on each floor and in or near each bedroom. We also install carbon monoxide detectors and ensure every kitchen is equipped with a fire extinguisher. 
  • Mow & Maintain a Yard: $150 average cost
    • A poorly maintained yard causes both moisture and pest problems - potentiall causing long-term damage to both the home and the health of its residents. Our repairs include pruning and removing trees and bushes encroaching on the house, removing debris, and installing landscaping drainpipes. 
  • Paint a Room Interior: $1,500 average cost 
    • Children living in poorly maintained homes are at higher risk for mold and lead exposure, which can cause behavioral and learning problems. We install drywall, waterproof interior masonry walls, prep and paint rooms and install dehumidifiers to ensure homes remain dry. 
  • Repair a HVAC System: $2,500 average cost
    • An estimated one in four families in need use ovens, stoves, or kerosene space heaters to heat their homes. This increases their risk of exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning and deadly house fires. In the summer, high temperatures n the home can have devastating effects on the health of babies and seniors. We ensure each home has a working heating and cooling system. 
  • Repair Broken Windows and Doors: $5,000 average cost
    • Properly working windows and doors are critical to the well being and safety of residents. We ensure windows and exterior doors open effectively, close and lock securely and seal well. We adjust door fit and weather-strip windows, install door sweeps, replace window panes, and replace screens. 
  • Fix a Leaking Room: $6,500 average cost 
    • Gaps and holes in roofing allow pests into a home, cause water and air leaks that waste energy and create mold that poses a serious health hazard. We ensure roofs are watertight and rainwater is directed away from the home.