Community Impact March 2024

Rebuilding Together Anne Arundel County recently completed a transformative project in Eastport, addressing critical issues within a client's home. The scope of work involved comprehensive remediation efforts, including the removal and disposal of mold-infested basement closet materials and adjacent wallboard, with meticulous treatment applied as required. We also undertook plumbing repairs beneath the kitchen sink to ensure optimal functionality for both the sink and dishwasher, replacing deteriorated sections of the kitchen sink cabinet floor and remediating any mold present in the flooring area.

Additional scope included the replacement of all Smoke/CO2 detectors to comply with existing building fire codes and removed and replaced a malfunctioning dishwasher while addressing subfloor damage from previous water leaks. Additionally, we restored proper drawer operation by repairing kitchen drawer support runners and addressed a water leak from the upstairs bathroom tub drain, which caused issues in the kitchen ceiling below. Two lighting fixtures were repaired and replaced, with one non-functional and the other containing broken lamps in sockets. Finally, we ensured the cleanliness and functionality of perimeter gutters for optimal water drainage and home preservation. The client expressed their gratitude and satisfaction at project completion, now living within a safer and more functional environment in their cherished home.